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Hutchins & Dick - Valuation & Property

Real estate in New Zealand is a prime vehicle for investment, and the core of any investment is knowledge of what that parcel of property is worth. Since 1980, Hutchins & Dick has helped thousands of clients throughout New Zealand achieve their property and investment goals in the rural, commercial, industrial and residential sectors.   

Commercial & Industrial

Whether you're looking to buy or sell; need asset values for financial reporting; are seeking finance or compensation; need effective insurance cover; or are planning to rent or lease property, we have proven expertise to complete your requirements on time, on budget and above expectations.


Our experienced rural team is a leader in market information, enabling us to supply accurate assessments and advice. With 40 years of combined experience we have a close understanding of the national rural market.

We are passionate about everything rural and experts on the state of the rural land market from an unbiased point of view.


Our specialist skills, knowledge and experience, supply us with the ability to provide property advice and give informed and analytical information on market trends and the performance of property assets in both local and national markets.

Our expertise means we can provide clients with the best possible property solutions.

Meet the team

Craig Morresey

Registered Valuer

Commercial & Industrial Valuer

(+64) 027 436 7593

Merv Hunger

Registered Valuer

Rural Valuer

(+64) 027 248 9112

Shaun Poole

Registered Valuer

Rural & Residential Valuer

(+64) 027 555 0381

Monique Burr

Registered Valuer

Residential Valuer

(+64) 027 240 1872

Laurie Meban

Graduate Valuer

Residential Valuer

(+64) 022 360 7566

Erin Nixon


Accounts and Administration

(+64) 6 757 5080

Kate Hall



(+64) 6 757 5080


(+64) 6 757 5080