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Our Rural Valuers are experienced farmers and land owners who know and understand the practical and business aspects of farming.


Frequently Asked Questions

My business is relocating to another part of town. How much is my fitout worth?

The following comments apply to standard businesses, not going concerns such as motels.

If the lease has expired, the fitout probably has no worth. The landlord may request you to remove your fitout and make good the premises which can be the landlord's right if the lease states as such (and many leases do). This could involve you in considerable expenditure so don't press your luck by asking the landlord to pay up.

If the lease has some life left in it, the replacement tenant (to whom you assign the lease to) may see some value in your fitout, so you may be able to negotiate a modest return. However, don't have high expectations because other businesses don't usually have the same needs as you. Invariably, such fitout has low resale value (if any).