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Did you know?

That it takes 6 years to become a fully qualified registered valuer.


Property Management & Consulting

Our team brings expertise to a wide range of property-related roles.

Trust us with property and project management; property maintenance; advice on asset acquisition and disposal; portfolio review; financial analysis; feasibility studies; and farm and rural property consultancy.

We provide clients with an innovative approach to assignments, based on proven management experience and with quality results guaranteed by an internal audit process.
In liaison with you, your project manager will develop goals and deadlines, and issue a procedural manual to ensure the team has a full understanding of your needs. Quality measures, such as peer review of major sites and random sampling of data are built in to the system.

Our membership of allows us nationwide coverage, a vast network of contacts and up-to-date and accurate market intelligence. The special insight this gives us into market trends and movements nationwide is collated and analysed by your Project Manager as part of our service.